Art by Vethysnia

Traditional & Digital Art by Tasha Shropshire

Digital Commission Pricing

25 - 38 USD: One subject digitally painted or photomanipulated, composite purchased stock background with extensive painting
Reference Pose
25 - 75 USD: One animal subject digitally painted or manipulated; purchase this order and receive your chat pose at full size, over 1000px
Human Speedpaint
25 - 40 USD: One subject seen from the neck up digitally painted in grayscale, +30 USD for colored version. 1.5hrs=25 USD, 3hrs=30 USD, 4hrs=40 USD, 5+hrs=55+USD
Animal Bust
50 - 120 USD: One subject photomanipulated or digitally painted plus painted background. +25 USD to make into a coded css and html bust table
60 - 100 USD: Order a customized logo for your business
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Full Body Manipulation
70 - 120 USD: One photomanipped subject plus composite purchased stock background, +20 USD per extra subject
Pet Portrait
75 - 150 USD: Your beloved pet digitally painted accompanied with a colorful abstract digital background
Site Banner
80 - 130 USD: Banners for your website or forum, includes one painted subject and painted composite background
Humanoid Portrait Illustration
80 - 140 USD: One humanoid subject from the neck or bust upward with painted background
Album Artwork
100 - 340 USD: One digitally painted subject on abstract painted background, +100 USD per back album artwork
Grayscale Illustration
120 - 350 USD: One subject featured on digitally painted background in full grayscale
Custom Fantasy Design
200 - 350 USD: One original design digitally painted accompanied by colorful mixed media composite background
Full-body Illustrations
300 - 600 USD: Fully digital hunanoid reference in both grayscale and color, may include painted background

Traditional Commission Pricing

28 - 45 USD ::: Abstract painting with extensive painting as well as use of color, must have client’s specifications
Abstract Landscape
30 - 40 USD ::: Abstract background with extensive use of color, acrylic and mixable oil paints
Surreal Emotional
30 - 60 USD ::: Defined and undefined subjects in a surrealistic circumstance, extensively painted, canvas included
Expressionism Portrait
45 - 70 USD ::: One subject seen from the bust up amidst a surrealistic expressionistic background, extensively painted