Art by Vethysnia

Traditional & Digital Art by Tasha Shropshire

Welcome to Art By Vethysnia!

It’s such a strange thing to open a new portal site…I seem to do it once every few years and it always turns out the exact opposite of what I think, which is either a good or bad thing. I’ve decided to move my main portal here, mostly because it’s a domain name I have had for ages and never used and it’s finally time to start utilizing it.

A lot has been happening since the beginning of this crazy new year of 2019. I’m finally getting a divorce, and while it’s amicable it’s been extremely difficult on my sleep habits and work ethic in general. To cope I’ve thrown myself fully into my artwork and have been honing my skills more than ever before.

All that being said, I have tons and tons of orders to fulfill, all courtesy of amazing customers and friends who have helped me out commission money wise, and the thought, while makes me anxious that I’m going to make their pieces suck, I’m also enthralled. Because these are the people who are literally my bread and butter, and I am extraordinarily grateful to them.

Please, enjoy my new site; many updates are going to come from this place and I’d love for you all to keep your eyes peeled. 😀

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