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Life + Gallery Dilemma

When you’re a full time artist who doesn’t exactly know how to be a full time artist, it can get a little fuzzy around the edges. Even messy in the middle. Either way, you gotta keep on truckin’. Because the only thing standing in your way is yourself, really (oh and rude customers but that’s a story for a different much less motivational time).

I read somewhere online that just doing forty five minutes of art reduces cortisol production significantly. I find that hilarious and coincidental because I’ve been going through probably the hardest time of my life ever right now and it feels like the pain and agony cant even touch me. I’m so steeled against it, it feels like; as though my brain has been fortified to build a wall against any drama and let in any gift and pleasure that isn’t a trojan horse. Granted I’ve let some pretty toxic people in as well by accident, but it was because they had other things about them that weren’t so unsavory, even wonderful. It’s too bad when people cant get along with one another because they’re so entrenched in their ways. But sometimes that’s the way life goes.

One of the biggest things I’ve been trying to organize when it comes to my artwork is real life tangible art shows, where I can rent some space and show off my paintings and prints with an actual audience I don’t have to correlate with through a screen or instant messenger. This is something I always thought was out of the cards for me, because I didn’t have the mind or even the aptitude to go about doing something that seemed so grand like that. Lo and behold, I’ve been looking at different art gallery sites in my town and in the surrounding towns and rent space for artwork is only 38 – 48 dollars?! If that’s all it takes to get my artwork to hang in a gallery for a day, then sign me the EFF up. Granted I’d have to get some professional prints and framing done but that doesn’t negate the fact that this could be a real chance for me to sell my tangible and intangible downloadable artworks. My hope for this place is to eventually install a shop from where you can buy these things online as well!

Thank you to all my wonderful customers and supporters who have helped me to get here. I really am living out my childhood dream by doing all of this and it’s both surreal and an incredible blessing to experience it. Thank you again, and I hope to see many of you keeping track of my work here in the near future!

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